Saturday, October 22, 2011



The Biggest Christmas Bazaar Series in the Rizal Area.

Conveniently taps into the Eastside market (Cainta, Taytay, Angono, and Antipolo)

Our bazaar venues are located in high foot traffic areas and high populated villages.

November 19-20, 2011 ----- Brookside Hills Subd. Covered Court

December 10-11, 17-18, 22-23, 2011 ---- Liwasang Bayan, Cainta

Interested sellers please contact Sari Manila at 0915-911-0466

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hey Purse Pals!

Long time no see here at the Purse Prime Blog, eh?  Well things have been a bit of a flurry after Purse Prime's Private Bag Spa Session and with prep time for Purse Prime's booth at the Carnivale Event next weekend, Sept 18!

But before we get giddy for that, I'm sure you're all wondering what went down at the bag spa session.  After going through albums from the photos event, we've finally managed to get them organized for you all to enjoy and see.

First off, our thanks go out to our top bloggers (who happen to be certified bag lovers as well) present at the event!  Namely,
We sincerely enjoyed our bag talks and while it must have felt like bag-aholics anonymous, its mostly about getting bag care education out there and giving our investments the care they deserve right?

While we would love to get into the nitty gritty details at the event, it would spoil the experience for our participants at the next bag spa session!  So instead, here's a sneak peak and hopefully, next time all our Purse Pals can be there with us!

P.S.  You can read about the bag spa experience via the blog links we posted!

PREP and PRIME at the venue

Goodie bags oozing with bag care goodness!

IDs for everyone

Food glorious food

Got the Demo Kit ready!

Bag Spa Proper



MEWA of Love my Bags

Talking bags with ROANNE

Time to show off their "babies"  PRETTY!!!

We love how JEHANN's LV wallet was conditioned with Apple Leather Conditioner! Silky smooth
Almost forgot the group pic!  CHEERS to BAG CARE

The Purse Prime Duo, KWEY and L.A., saying "SEE YOU AT THE NEXT BAG SPA SESSION!"

Bag Priming Basics

Finally! Finally! Finally you got your hands on that bag that you've been lusting on for months now. Don't we all just love that feeling of taking it out of the box for the first time? The smell of a new purse... the scratch free finish.. oh sheer heaven! Wish you could keep your bag looking as perfect as it did when you got it out from the store?

Priming your bags is the best way to keep your bag in pristine condition. Bag priming involves applying leather conditioner followed up by a water repellent treatment. 

Applying Leather Conditioner ensures that your bag is supple meaning it wont dry out and crack or have unwanted wrinkles. If the bag is suede, patent, or non-leather, skip the conditioning.  What we also love about leather conditioners is it also acts as a mild cleaner so no need to get a separate Leather Cleaner to remove accumulated dust and dirt on the bag.  We've discovered that Balenciagas and Chanels love the Meltonian conditioner, while Apple Care is mild enough for most designer leather bags.

Next step is to WATERPROOF, WATERPROOF, WATERPROOF! We cannot stress enough how important this step is. Waterproofing is the best thing you can do to your bag. Applying Apple Garde Rain & Stain repellent keeps unwanted moisture from penetrating the material of the bags... thus preventing stains. Waterproofing also minimizes the possibility of mold and mildew from infesting your bag during storage. 

8oz Apple Leather Care + 5.5oz Apple Garde

Priming shouldn't  be tedious process. Simply apply your conditioner of choice using a professional shine cloth, leave and let dry. Do your make-up... have a bubble bath. No need to babysit the bags while the conditioner dries. Once conditioner is dry, buff with the horse hair shoe brush. Follow up with the Apple Garde spray and let dry. Apple Garde usually take only a couple of minutes to dry. So if you have time to spare you may do 3 coatings of the Apple Garde. Just make sure to let it dry in between coatings. 

Basic Priming Kit+ Professional shine cloth + 2 horse hair brush

The sooner the bag is Primed the better. So soon as you get home from the store, examine your brand new purchase and prime away!  Get your Bag Priming kits at the Purse Prime Store!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Dear bag lover,

It's been awhile since we started preaching about caring for bags. We think it's about time you join us while we give our bags a little pampering. Join us and manila's top bloggers as we bond over our love of nice bags and good food. 

Although, as much as we'd love to invite our entire FB following, we don't think our humble little office can handle it. So to save us the dilemma of selecting the lucky Purse Prime Friend, we decided to just turn it into a competition (its just more fun that way). 

The rules are pretty simple... its all found in the lil artwork below. 


Starter collection? Brand loyal? Well edited? Lust Inducing? Doesn't matter what sort of bag collection you have. Just pose and post! Oh and tell your pals to vote for you!

Don't miss out on this fabulous bag lovers soiree. Like our facebook page now and join the promo! 

LA and K-wey

Did we mention we have a neat goodie bags for our guests too?? :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get the bag collecting started

There comes a time in every girl’s life when it’s not anymore enough to borrow bags from mom’s closet. Together with the bigger paycheck and the new taste of independence comes the want to build their own bag collection. It may come later than sooner but we all know the want for bags will sure come a knocking! (hihi)

We’re on the beginning of our bag collection ourselves and by no means is it as extensive as we would want it to be (when will it ever be?).  Yet we can proudly say that we care for each and every piece.  Like with clothes, we do a purse “fitting” before we decide on a bag. Go through our PURSE FIT test it just might help you get started on that bag collection.

Does it fit your personal taste?
This is the easiest part. There are about a hundred of designer bag choices and there is bound to be one or two that is just so YOU. Do some research online to get familiarized with style and brands. Don’t get too caught up with “IT” bags though. It’s better to go to the store to get a personal feel of the bag.

Does it fit my lifestyle?
Where do you spend most of your time? What are your usual activities? Are you a klutz?  Some people think wear and tear gives bags more character while others just frown on the imperfections. Noting these considerations will help you pick a bag that will match your needs and activities.

Does it fit my things?
Get a bag that can hold the amount of stuff you cannot leave your house without. Certain occasions call for specific types of bag. If you constantly find yourself in such events, it might be good time to invest on the required bag. No point in buying a bag that will just sit unused for years.

Does it fit in my closet?
Is there enough room for the bag to comfortably sit in the closet. Remember even in storage a bag may deteriorate if not stored properly. Make sure you'll be able to use the bag at least every other month.

Does it fit my budget?
Only buy bags you can actually afford or save up for. No point having a designer purse and no money in your wallet. Though that doesn’t mean you should just let go of your bag dream. Scout for good deals. Wait for end of season sales or better yet shop around pre-owned bag boutiques.

Deciding on a bag takes some time. Go through the questions over again if you’re still not sure. Buy only when you are certain that you will enjoy the bag for a good long while.  After doing that first purchase, growing and maintaining your collection is another story. Watch out for our next post as we share stuff we’ve learned along the way.Don't forget to like us on facebook for bag care tips!

Now, get that collection started!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CARE GUIDE : Keeping Suede Bags Perfect.

Stain on your SUEDE satchel? Don't worry, PROBLEM SOLVED!  The Purse Prime Team is excited for all our Purse Pals who are big fans of suede just like us. We have the perfect solution in keeping Suede Handbags clean and "fuzzy"!

SUEDE 101 
Suede LV 
When leather is produced, it is usually the outermost layer of skin that gets used, which is tougher and more durable than the inner surface used for suede.  Suede is in fact the flesh side of animal skin and the hide is scraped clean of hair and tanned.  Most suede leather is made of calfskin, lambskin, kidskin and goatskin.

Suede is more supple and flexible than full grain leather, but because of its nappy surface, it scuffs easily and often makes it more difficult to clean. It also stains easily, including water, so our suede bags are not appropriate for rainy days.  

Regular maintenance of suede handbags is very simple. Buff your bag with a Nylon Suede Brush to help restore the nap. Brushing is recommended after usage and upon taking out from storage.

Stains on suede maybe categorized in two group, dry and wet. Scuff marks and accumulated dirt maybe considered as dry stains. Dry stains on suede maybe removed using a Suede Eraser Bar. Gently rub eraser on the stained area. Once stain is lifted, restore the nap with the nylon suede brush.
Get a Suede Care Kit now to bring the beauty back to your suede handbag

Wet stains from rain, water spills, ink, and oil are trickier to deal with. Don't even think about tossing the bag into the washing machine!!!  To clean Wet suede stains, use only Apple Suede and Nubuck Cleaner.Tried and tested for years, the Apple Suede & Nubuck Cleaner is especially formulated to safely remove most oil and water based stains from delicate suede, nubuck and fabric.  Follow these tips and steps to learn how to care for, and clean your suede properly!

1.  Always shake the bottle of Apple Suede & Nubuck Cleaner well before using.
2.  Test Patch comes first.  -  Do this is in a hidden area of the bag. 
3. Dilute 1 part cleaner to 2 parts water.
4. Dampen cloth with diluted cleaner and rub into stain gently in circular motions.  Wipe treated area clean with damp cloth.
  • For hard to remove stains, directly pour a little amount of Apple Suede & Nubuck Cleaner onto a soft clean cloth and apply on stain.  Wipe treated area with clean dampen cloth.
5. Allow the bag to dry for at least 4 hours.
6. Brush with a suede brush to restore the nap of the leather.
7.  Before and after use of your suede bag, add a  much needed layer of protection and spray on the Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellent. 

To make bag cleaning even easier, Purse Prime packed all the essentials for a suede bag cleaning session ready for your use.

If by some miserable chance your suede bag was soaked in water, do these steps to save your bag:
  • Use paper towels or bath towels to remove excess moisture. 
  • if only a part of the bag was soaked, using a spray bottle, wet the rest of the bag then towel dry.
  • Place bag stuffers or crumpled sheets of uninked paper inside the bag to help maintain its shape while drying. Air-dry your bag for 24 hours.
  • Once dry, buff the suede to restore the nap.

Purse Prime NoteWhen talking about suede, we have to distinguish between suede, the leather, and suede, the fabric. The fabric only imitates the rough surface of suede leather. Apparel made of suede fabric may be laundered or dry cleaned, simply by following instructions on the garment’s label.

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CARE GUIDE: Removing Denim Stains from Handbags

Wouldn't it be nice to finally put together a comfy pair of jeans plus a statement bag ensemble without worrying about color-transfer? Enjoy this easy, breezy, helpful guide on how to avoid and remove color-transfer on leather handbags.  This DIY denim stain removal guide should work for leather and suede.  

No, that’s not a new dance craze.  Crocking is the when the dye from one material transfers to another. Denim is a usual culprit for crocking as the Indigo dye used to color jeans takes multiple washing before it completely rinses out. Thus constant rubbing between your bag and  your brand new jeans may cause color-transfer from the denim to the bag’s leather.

To check if your denim jeans are safe to wear with your bags, please do a crocking test.  Get a white piece of paper or cloth (like bond paper) and rub it against your jeans. If there is any color-transfer on the paper, do think twice about the outfit you are going to wear or the bag you are going to carry.

Sad but true denim stains is a common problem for bag lovers. Should your bag have those blocks of slightly translucent blue streaks those are most likely denim stains.  Don’t worry though; with the help of Appple Leather Cleaner that bag may still be saved!
To remove stubborn stain such as denim dye transfer simply follow the steps below
  1. Pour a quarter size amount of Apple Leather Cleaner on soft clean cloth (best with a pro shine cloth) and apply to problem area of the bag.
  2. Rub gently in a circular motion to remove the dirt and stain. Do not over rub.  
  3. Wipe off the excess product before letting the bag dry for four (4) hours.
  4. Check for the stain visibility once the bag is dry. If the stain is still there, repeat step  1-3.
  5. Use a clean soft cloth and apply Apple Leather Conditioner liberally to the bag and let it dry.
  6. Buff gently with a horse hair brush
  7. Finish off with Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellent to protect the bag from future stains and damage.

To further avoid any chance of color-transfer on your bags do store them properly. Keep them inside dust bags and store away from any source of heat.

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